Monday, 19 May 2008

Cowra aid for Burma

Cowra Rotarians are rallying behind a project actually able to enter and deliver aid to the devastated country of Myanmar.

Recent Cyclone Nargis that affected the Irrawaddy Delta in Myanmar (Burma) has left unbelievable destruction in the country and over one million people without housing.

News reports suggest the scale of this disaster is assuming the proportions of the 2004 Asian tsunami.

There has been much publicity about the difficulty of getting aid into Myanmar, but Shelter Box is one of the first organisations able to enter the country, obtaining visas and a clear and helpful path from the embassy.

“Burma really needs our help,” Cowra Rotary Club president Con Bunnik said.

“We have already purchased a Shelter Box last year, which is no doubt one of those on its way to Burma, or may have already landed.”

A Shelter Box is a container carrying up to two 10 person dome tents, blankets, water purification tablets, a multi-fuel stove, tools and other essential equipment.

The idea, Mr Bunnik said, is to provide temporary shelter which has both important physical and mental benefits to victims of a natural disaster.

Shelter Box delivered 224 boxes on May 9 from Dubai, followed by 220 boxes from Melbourne, and have chartered a plane for delivery of another 1000 boxes from England where they are prepared.

Australian Rotarians have taken this Rotary project to heart and have launched major fundraising efforts to get more boxes to the devastated area.

Both Cowra and especially Canowindra Rotary Clubs have been heavily involved in fundraising and promoting the Shelter Box concept, with Canowindra businesses already donating enough in the past week to purchase another two Shelter Boxes for Myanmar.

Cowra Rotary Club has issued a similar challenge and welcomes any interested supporters.

For more information on the Cowra Rotary Club’s involvement in the Shelter Box project, contact President Con Bunnik on 63450060.

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