Friday, 16 May 2008

Junta to expand logging fields in Northern Burma


There is nothing better that the Burmese military junta understands than raking in moolah, even if it means deforestation and massive damage to the ecology and environment. To the generals of the junta money is sweeter than honey.

The regime has worked out a scheme to bring in more revenue and has ordered the expansion of logging fields in northern Burma. The Burmese junta plans to construct a road from the Danai (Tanai) Township to Shingbwi Yang. The new logging fields will be located on the other side of Hkalung village which is near Shingbwi Yang, a source said.

The Burmese military authorities have asked Jadeland Myanmar Co., Ltd. to construct the road. Chinese road builders have arrived for construction work in Danai Township, a source added.

There are about 600 people living in the village. Last month, Chinese loggers arrived on the river bank of Hkalung Hka (Hkalung River) near Hkalung village, a villager in Hkalung said.

They were overseeing the logging fields and mapping the area. Sutdu Yup Zau Hkawng, Kachin business tycoon and owner of Jadeland Myanmar Co., Ltd. has also been allowed to log officially on 2,000 acres, a villager added.

The Forest Minister is expected to arrive in Hkalung village soon to monitor the expansion move and the Burmese Army is taking care of security around Hkalung village, a villager added.

All this when over 100,000 lives have been lost and two million have been rendered homeless after Cyclone Nargis lashed the country between May 1 and 2

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