Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Myanmar: Relief is reaching the neglected

We are reaching the remote villages

Through 21 relief centres, DanChurchAid's local partners are reaching 100.000 people.

DanChurchAid's representative reports 'We brought rice, beans, fish paste, cooking utensils, blankets and plastic sheets with us, and people came rushing up to us. At the beginning everything was chaotic but with the help from some local monks, we managed to distribute the supplies'.

We are reaching the remote villages

DanChurchAid's representative reports that it is still extremely difficult to bring relief out to where the cyclone Nargis caused the worst damages, in the remotest areas of the vast delta.

'DanChurchAid's local partners, on the other hand, are reaching the very poor villages that nobody else can access, namely because we already work very locally'.

The local partners have established 21 centres where they are able to help 100.000 people who have become homeless after the disaster.

Source: Relief Web

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