Friday, 6 June 2008

Burmese police arrest prominent comedian & director Zarganar (Video Update)

Mizzima News
05 June 2008

Prominent Burmese comedian, actor & director Zarganar, who has been playing an active role in helping Cyclone survivals, was taken away from his residence by authorities on Wednesday evening, family sources said.

A team of nine police led by district Police commander of Western Rangoon at about 8 p.m on Wednesday night raided Zarganar's resident in Sanchuang Township.

Thuya or better known as Zarganar was reportedly taken for further interrogation after the police team searched his house, the family source said.

"They came in and said they will only search but after searching the house at about 10:45 p.m they told him [Zarganar] to get his cloths. They said they will take him for about two days," the family source told Mizzima.

The Police team confiscated a computer, video CDs of Than Shwe's daughter's wedding, Rambo 4, and Nargis plights, two cash account book, 30 Foreign Exchange Certificates (FEC) and USD 1000 from Zarganar's resident.

Zarganar was among the first Burmese celebrities to have rushed to help Cyclone after Nargis struck Burma on May 2 -3. He has played active role in reaching people with aid supplies including rice and other commodities.

Observers believe that authorities are having difficulties with the celebrity's outspoken nature and critical stand against the government's slow response to the crisis.

Zarganar has been frequently arrested by the authorities for revealing and daring to speak to the media that exposes parts of the truths of Burma's tightly controlled living situation.

Authorities in May 2006, banned Zarganar from practice any artistic performances including a ban on writing, film acting and directing, after talking to the Burmese Service of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The video of Zarganar and Group activities helping cyclone Nargis survivors.

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