Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Medics wrap up Myanmar mission

BANGKOK (Kyodo) Japan's medical team has completed its emergency humanitarian mission in Labutta, southwestern Myanmar, one of the areas hardest hit by the violent cyclone in early May, according to the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

The team will hand over its makeshift facilities and medical equipment to local authorities and experts, including two doctors, the agency said.

The 23-member team, including four doctors and seven nurses, treated 1,202 people in nine days, JICA said.

Despite the large number of people suffering from diarrhea and fever — and the presence of mosquito-transmitted infectious diseases such as dengue fever and malaria — no illnesses spread widely among the local people, according to the agency.

The team was scheduled to travel to Yangon, Myanmar's former capital and largest city, on Monday and report to the country's health ministry Tuesday before leaving the country. The team is expected to return to Japan on Wednesday morning via Bangkok.

Japan Times

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