Saturday, 7 June 2008

Those who suffer and Those who enjoy by Nagis Cyclone

By Mahorgani

It's really nice to stay here !!

Everything is just perfect..

Nothing was difficult to do aid work...

Such a good generator ! bring it back to army bar....

have to rebuild with whatever we have...

This is school open day ! Which school we have to go then...

No idea what to do !

Nothing but space to sleep

Surviving with makeshift shelter, where is the foreign aid - tent ...

Those who suffer and Those who enjoy by Nagis Cyclone
(I would appreciate it if anyone could translate and share this post around the internet and spread the words please)

Please look these photos thoroughly! ... You can see clearly who is enjoying the things and stuff that came along with international aid agencies. Earlier, they (Army staff and its followers) tried to smuggle these donations out. Then, when it was exposed to the public and not easy to do so, they just keep the donations for themselves and benefit. How much relief and aid works are they doing? He (soldier in picture) is with iron folded uniform and sit back and relax, watching TV, inside the safe and warm shelter of the new donated tent. They don't even have such a chance to rest in their military bar (base).

They (junta staff) even ask the victims to wash their cloths and get water for them? They think victims are coming around to serve them or beg for aid. There are hundreds of tents but not for the cyclone victims. However, if high rank officials and international agencies come down to check the camps, they (soldiers) quickly manage to push in the selected victims inside the tent and force the visitors to witness the "selected victims" displaying what they were taught by the soldiers. Who can argue seeing these photos?

Everything that is happening is different to what the international aiders are expecting or witnessing. The fact is that these aid and donated stuff is really and very useful to them (junta). It seems in fact that the army is provided with international aid instead of the victims.

Herewith we reveal to the international community representing the genuine cyclone victims. They (real cyclone victims) could hardly manage the space to sleep in. Even so, authorities evict them within three days.

That's why.. Let me say it out.

We just try to accept that it's OK even if the cyclone victims receive 10 pieces out of 100 donated by the international community. But in reality, nothing has been handed to the victims. So, please don't send any more food and aid stuff. It seems like things are provided to the army exclusively. They (junta) will torture and oppress as long as they are provided with such a nice food and good materials. If you want to donate and support to the real victims, please

"try to find out the right channel to reach victims out".

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