Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Flood causes evacuees to shelter in public buildings

Mizzima News

Temporary camps for flood evacuees were set up in Mawlight and Khanti in Sagaing division in western Burma today after the water level rose dangerously in the Chindwin River.

In Khanti, 22 families are sheltered in Paw Mine monastery, 10 families have been put in the Basic Primary School No.3 while 61 families have been provided shelter in Basic Primary School No. 1. Five families are in a Middle Primary School.

In Mawlight, 68 families have been moved to three different accommodations such as the city hall, Basic Primary School No.1 and a stadium.

There are no reports of causalities yet but the weather department officials nearest to this area warned that water levels in Chindwin could rise further in the next 24 hours.

The water level is at 1380 centimeters while the danger level for Mawlight is 1230 centimetres.

In Homelin, the river water level rose to 3021 centimetres, which is 121 centimetres above the danger level. In Kanti it is 1480 centimetres, 120 centimetres above the danger level. In the Kalaywa water is flowing 124 centimetres above the danger level which is 1550 centmetres.

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