Thursday, 10 July 2008

Nargis ‘Donations’ Collected From Schools


Following orders from State Authorities, Village Authorities in many Karen state townships have been collecting donations for Nargis' victims not only from villagers but also from schools, according to a source from Hpa-an township.

A civil servant from the education department of Karen state told Kaowao that although 1000 Kyat had already been collected from each household in the area around June 20th, last week students from both High and Middle Schools were asked to collect more money from their parents.

A parent from Hton Eie village said, "We paid 1000 Kyat per household two weeks ago, and now we have to pay another ‘donation’, collect from us by our own children. I have three children at the village school so I have to pay another 1800 Kyat. That's not fair for poor parents like us."

He added that a teacher had threatened students who didn't pay the money to not return to school.
Forced donations have been frequent in villages across Burma in the wake of Cyclone Nargis, with many villagers facing threats if they fail to meet the monetary requirement demanded of them.

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