Monday, 22 September 2008

Burma Sentences Activist To Two Years Hard Labour

Press Release: Terry Evans

(Scoop) - On Friday the International Labour Organization (ILO) announced that Burma's military junta has sentenced Thet Way, a labour activist, to two years' hard labour.

Thet Way helped people file complaints about forced labour. His imprisionment makes a mockery of last years agreement between the Burmese junta and the ILO, a UN agency which seeks the promotion of labour rights. The agreement provided immunity from prosecution for anyone making or supporting those making complaints about forced labour.

Forced labour is continuing on a widespread scale in Burma and is accompanied by massive violations of other human rights. Tens of thousands of Burmese citizens, under threat of arrest and/or bodily harm, are forced to work without compensation as porters in war zones, or on massive infrastructure projects.

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