Monday, 14 July 2008

Former northern Commander sold alley in Myitkyina before transfer

Kachin News

The Burmese military junta's former Northern Command (Ma-Pa-Kha) Commander Maj-Gen. Ohn Myint has pulled another fast one on the people of Myitkyina. He has sold the alley in Yan Gyi Aung quarter in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State in northern Burma after receiving his transfer order, a source said.

The former Commander Ohn Myint issued orders not to have the alley in the quarter. So, the township municipality office has already measured the width of the alley, which is near the Yan Gyi Aung market, and is ready to sell, said a source close to the civic office.

The township municipality office has measured not only the alley near the Yan Gyi Aung's market but also another alley in the quarter, a source added.

Residents who heard about it cannot understand what the former commander actually did in the quarter. So, no one can complain, according to a resident in Yan Gyi Aung.

Before the former commander left the state in June on being transferred, he destroyed all documents related to finance and other important papers of his tenure in the office of the Kachin State Peace and Development Council (Pa-Ya-Ka) in Myitkyina.

Maj-Gen. Ohn Myint was promoted to Commander of No. (1) Bureau of Special Operation or Commander of Special Operation for Northern Burma of the Burmese ruling junta.

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