Monday, 14 July 2008

Junta members assassinated at dinner party

Shan Agency for News
By Hseng Khio Fah
14 July 2008

Two junta officials in Kholam, Namzang township, southern Shan State, along with two other civilians were shot by unknown gunmen while they were having dinner, according to SHAN sources.

Yesterday evening, at 18:00, Deputy commander, Major Aung Thiha and Capt Soe Min Aye from Infantry Battalion#66, based in Kholam and two teak traders (not identified) were shot while having meal at a teak trader’s house. They died instantly, said a source.

“Those unknown gunmen, 3-4 of them shot from the window. It was like they [authorities] were being trailed,” said the source. “There was no one to provide security during the time.”

There had been no other casualty.

No further details have emerged so far.

For more details please contact, 0801260064

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