Monday, 7 July 2008


Source: Ko Htike's blog

On 2nd July 2008, at 01:00 PM in Nyaung Tone Township, near Pwe Yon Seik School, pedestrian U Soe Han aged 40 years old from Kyone Tamar Village was badly hit by a black GMC vehicle.

The responsible person for the accident is U Zaw Zaw, Chairman of Max Myanmar Company. Witnesses saw him driving at that time. Minister for Co-Operative, Mj-Gen Tin Htut was in the same car.

The victim died in Rangoon General Hospital the next day but U Zaw Zaw is still undisturbed and no news of any action taken upon him.

Money, abuse of power, using of fake evidence and witnesses fabricated by authority keep the true culprit above the Law as U Zaw Zaw is away from the long arm of justice freely. Only junta and cronies are having this kind of privilege.

Reported by Thu Ye Kaung.

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