Monday, 7 July 2008

Tzu Chi continuous relief effort in Myanmar cyclone aftermath

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Since tropical cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar on May 2 and 3, Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi continues its relief work to help those victims. Myanmar government has launched many projects including distributing relief supplies to storm-hit region. With the selfless and non political purpose contribution to international community, Tzu Chi gains the trust of Myanmar government and takes part in its relief aid work. Tzu Chi is the first NGO to be awarded official certification by the Myanmar government. Tzu Chi volunteers held aid distributions and provided the medical services for victims in areas near Yangon. Tzu Chi relief team members are currently assessing the situation on the ground to carry out long-term recovery work.

Tzu Chi volunteers held supplies distribution, free clinic and stationary distribution in June. Tzu Chi aid distributions benefited 3,594 families or 14,663 people. And, free medical clinic has provided medical services for 2,881 patients. Tzu Chi volunteers also distributed stationary to 292 students and provided health check to those students.

The aid distributions were mainly carried out near Yangon. The aid supplies are considered as victims most need. The supplies include rice, cooking oil, beans and flashlights. There are 3,594 families or 14,663 people received the aid supplies from 7 distributions in Twantay Old Folk House, Pyat Ta Taik, Taman Gyi, Kan Be, and south Da Gon.

The Tzu Chi disaster relief team continues its aid work by providing free clinic in the Ganbei Village in Twantay Township near Yangon. Patients wait in a quiet and orderly fashion. Local volunteers are helping the seniors filling out forms. Elsewhere in the clinic, volunteers are packaging drugs for patients. Patients are grateful that Tzu Chi volunteers of medical relief team remove pain for them. In June, 2,881 patients received treatment from free medical clinic.

Apart from free clinics and aid distributions, Tzu Chi volunteers in Myanmar are also putting effort into children's education in the cyclone hit region. Volunteers recently visited a nearby school to distribute stationery for 292 students. They also carried out health checks and health lessons at the same time, hoping the children can remain healthy and lively.

As Master Cheng Yen who is the founder of Tzu Chi Foundation says: “ We should consider everyone as our family member” “ There is no one in the world that I don’t love. There is no one in the world that I don’t trust and There is no one in the world that I don’t forgive” All Tzu Chi volunteers respect all receivers in distributions.

Tzu Chi volunteers care victims as their family members. They have very good communication between villages after a few consecutive days of services. The doctors from Tzu Chi relief team have prepared mosquito nets for residents which are delivered and hung up by volunteers. The consideration of the disaster relief team not only reduces the risk of villagers contracting dengue fever, it also pulls everyone closer together.

With Myanmar government support, Tzu Chi has delivered love and relief supplies to 6,605 families or 27,258 persons in Myanmar since Tzu Chi relief team first arrived on May 10. The medical relief team has provided medical services for 2,881 patients. The Tzu Chi also distributed stationery for 292 students in June. Tzu Chi continues to put effort on those storm-affected people.

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